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From first use of you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions please stop using this website with immediate effect. The Beattie Bailey Ltd. website is operated by or on behalf of These terms cover your use of the website. If you have any concerns about the website or your use of it, please contact us. We reserve the right to update or change these terms and conditions at any point without notice.


You may use the website for personal reasons and if you follow these terms. You can display the content of the website on the equipment you are using. You may print or save a copy of the website for your own personal use provided you don’t make any changes to the content or delete any copyright notices. On the website we use images that we are allowed to display but cannot give you permission to copy or distribute. When you use the website we do not allow you to:
 - copy it or any content on it, make any changes to it, use it or any part of it (or any content on it) for commercial reasons
 - use the website in any way which is unlawful or in a way which is likely to damage our reputation or the reputation of anyone else
If you want to use the website beyond the scope of these terms you should contact us and we will consider granting you permission. You acknowledge and agree that all content including, but not limited to, logos, text, graphics, images, website design and layout, and company name found on and any other pages registered to Beattie Bailey Ltd including but not limited to its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest pages are all the property of Beattie Bailey Ltd. You agree not to use any of the content contained within this Website for commercial benefit or personal gain. You agree not to copy or reproduce any content as listed above for any purpose other than for personal non-commercial use unless you are given express permission in writing by Beattie Bailey Ltd to do so. The content of this website is protected by UK Intellectual Property Laws.


We try to make sure that the information on the website is accurate, but there may be occasions where there are errors or mistakes. If you use the website any action you carry out on the basis of the information you obtain from it is at your own risk. The website is supplied to you on an as seen basis and we make no warranties regarding its quality, accuracy, completeness, security or that it’s free from error. We will not be liable to you for:
- your use of or inability to use the website or any content on it
- any failure to remove, or delay in removing, any content from the website or for any wrongful removal of any content provided by someone else where we have acted reasonably
- any loss of profits or income, loss or corruption of data, any indirect losses or damages
- any circumstances that are outside of our reasonable control
- any loss or damage that is not directly caused by us or which we could not reasonably know at the time we entered into this agreement with you.

Nothing in these terms is intended to limit or will take away our liability to you for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or because of any fraudulent statements we make and nothing in these terms are intended to limit any rights you have under the law and which we can’t exclude.


You may only place a link to this website from another website that leads directly to the Website home page using this link:, or that directly links to the Blog homepage or a particular post on the blog using that direct URL address. You may not place any other links to this website without prior consent from Beattie Bailey Ltd, if you wish to do so please contact us.  

Last Edited: 3rd November 2015

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