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Cowdray Estate
On 1st March 2016 in Black Book

Cowdray Estate

The ancestral home of a Viscount and his Lady.

An estate of tudor ruins, society polo and wellness meditation.

As historic as Henry VIII. As contemporary as Claridges. 

The most fabulous of homely Wedding venues.

White Company overload. Walk-in wardrobes. Wedgewood Tea-cups.

Dont be mistaken that you are looking at a wedding venue. You are looking at an estate, all 16,500 acres of it. Cowdray House is truly exceptional and mind-blowingly unique - a place of superlatives as much as contradictions.

Historical yet Modern. Vast yet Cosy. Stately yet Kooky. Serious yet Playful.

A barrell vaulted ceiling in the reception hall downstairs and bedrooms overflowing with White Company upstairs. Contrasts of ancient portraits and modern sculpture adorn dark corners. Scented candles burn in glass bell-jars and orchids gather upon the family piano. A home with a soul and a charming sense-of-humour.

Babington House mixed with Windsor Castle

The renovation of the house and the interior touches feel like any five star London hotel. Lady Cowdray's eye for design is second-to-none, a glamorous blend of Babington House mixed with Windsor Castle. We love the screen-printed gold wallpaper and indulgent crystal chandeliers.

The team are outstanding, like mind-readers they predict what you need before you've even thought of it; indulging your every whim.

It is truly personal at Cowdray, like a guest welcomed into the family fold, you want to hug and send thank-you notes as you leave. But you don't ever want to leave and that's the problem. It is simply way too wonderful.

A luxury wedding venue of unexpected delights. We cant wait to go back soon.

Posted On: 1st March 2016

Posted In: Black Book

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