The Experience

Truly Yours

Welcome to Beattie Bailey. We have a simple vision: to reimagine wedding and event planning. We don't believe in cookie-cutter packages. We believe in creativity and crafting an experience that's truly yours. No matter what 'yours' may look like, or where it can be found...

Fragrantly, Yours

Their aisle, cascading with wild meadow flowers

Their dining room, transformed into a grove of pink blossom trees

Their candles, two hundred flames burning with the fragrance of Florence

Delectably, Yours

A five course menu from the night they first met

Three gin cocktails for each year of their engagement

Their wedding cake designed with the lace from her dress

Impeccably, Yours

His suit, fine moss linen, cut to perfection

His cufflinks, modelled from the gold of his grandmother’s rings

His shoes, seam-less brown leather, without a stitch in sight

Beautifully, Yours

Her wedding dress, sewn from white vintage lace

Her train, appliqu├ęd with cream oyster pearls

Her bridal veil, hand-embroidered with fine golden thread

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